Tattoos by Nikki



When not painting, creating various crafts or shooting pool, Nikki is found at the studio tattooing in a wide range of styles. From her favorite illustrative realism to traditional black and grey or color realism to neotraditional she loves to create them all. Nikki started her career in an apprenticeship in 2007 and has been growing ever since. After beginning to tattoo, she traveled the country, Florida to Oregon, Georgia to Michigan, tattooing at various studios picking up influences and knowledge along the way. Check out her portfolio to get to know her styles or swing by the studio to meet the artist herself.


Not accepting appointments at this time. For updates, please visit my Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

✱ Does it hurt getting a tattoo?
Tattoos hurt , in some places more than others , but the pain is manageable

✱ How much does it cost to get a tattoo?
The shop's minimum is $80.00 and I typically work at a rate of $150.00 an hour. I do offer discounted rates to my custom flash designs

✱ Can I bring my own design?
Yes! If you or a friend / family member has drawn something, we can work with that design. However I won’t copy someone else’s design or tattoo without their permission

✱ Can you fix/cover up my old tattoo?
Yes! I do reworks and coverups but certain tattoos may require some sessions of laser removal first. To find out what we can do with your current work fill out the contact form under SCHEDULING to get a consultation

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